Houston's Premier Adult Flag Football League


We Focus On One Sport - Flag Football


Houston Flag Football creates a safe playing environment by hiring experienced referees to monitor player competitiveness and field conditions.


Houston Flag Football delivers an atmosphere of friendly competition allowing you to meet new people and stay physically active.


Houston Flag Football offers 11 games minimum, team shirts, player statistics, and shared high-resolution photos for $480/team or $50/free agent.


Houston Flag Football provides organized recreation by making our customers and our employees a priority. Give us a try and see for yourself!

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We work hard to provide the best flag football experience in Houston
We Love Flag Football!

We've played with several Houston organizations but became frustrated from the lack of organization, expensive registration fees, overly aggressive atmosphere, short playing time, etc.

Many groups try to make money by hosting several different types of sports and events but lose focus on organizing quality flag football games. So from those experiences, Houston Flag Football was born. If you love playing flag football, we hope you give our league a try.

Whether you're a free agent or a team, our goal is to organize enjoyable games! If you have a moment, check out photos on our Facebook page.